All work and no play makes Charlie a productive girl, apparently

I haven’t posted anything here in a while because the last month was a a bit of a rollercoaster. I’m not sure I have gotten off it yet.

I got accepted into University of Sussex and I’ll start my MA in Gender Studies in September! So I went to Brighton to look for accommodation, and found a nice room in a nice house. The city is really nice too, and it’s by the seaaaaaa


And although I spent only a couple of hours visiting the University, I’m already loving it


I’m very excited but also very, very nervous. It’s going to be a whole new life for me. New Country, new house, new food, new  friends, new everything. And after that it’s time to become an adult, for real this time. Find a real job, and start building something. I’m not exactly ready. Sometimes I still feel like a 17-year-old nerd who sleeps too much and doesn’t actually know how to talk to people. I’m not ready at all.

But guess what, life doesn’t wait for you to be ready, so I’d better start packing my stuff and say goodbye to my old life here in Sicily.

That’s why I decided to start a new blog that will focus on my life in Brighton (it’s not ready yet, all I can say is that the title is GENIUS – thanks Taryn – and it’s going to be a Carrie Bradshow-minus-the-expensive-shoes kind of thing), and keep this one exclusively about my writing.


I started a summer job, and during some very slow days I brought my journal and a pen with me. You know, just to write down random scenes and dialogues when I got bored, no big deal.

All work and no play makes Charlie a dull girl (but a very productive one, apparently)

All work and no play makes Charlie a dull girl

Well, turns out I wrote more in 16 days than in the last 2 months.

I mean:

BH series

(ignore the weird titles on top: it’s going to be “Black Hood”, period.)

Guys. GUYS. I’m almost there! I’ve never gotten this far before. It’s real. I’m going to finish this thing for real, and I’m going to edit and revise and fix stuff until it’s absolutely ready and if everything goes as planned, I might start sending queries in December/January. I’ll meet up with my best friend every morning starting tomorrow, and while she studies for her exams, I’ll work on my novel. Probably I’ll print everything next week, because I find it easier to work on paper. I can’t believe it. I’m so happy.

On a totally different note,

Everybody drop what you’re doing and watch Humans
No seriously, I mean it


The plot is compelling and the main character looks like Jennifer Lawrence’s older, asian sister. She’s *that* gorgeous.

During the past few days, I also binge-watched the last season of Grey’s Anatomy. Why, you ask? BECAUSE CLEARLY I’M A FUCKING MASOCHIST, THAT’S WHY.

Shonda Crimes strikes again

What was I thinking???????????? And most of all, JESUS CHRIST SHONDA WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?????? Was that really necessary??? Seriously???

Now excuse me, I’m going to sell my tear ducts to the black market, at least I’ll make some money and I’ll finally stop crying. Fucking Shonda.


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"You're a raccoon that acts like a wolf and wants to challenge dragons." I guess what my best friend means is that I'm a bit clumsier than I like to think. I'm pretty sure Seth Cohen is my spirit animal.
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2 risposte a All work and no play makes Charlie a productive girl, apparently

  1. Giulia Formichetti ha detto:

    You’re a successful woman and I am so happy for you, your accomplishment and your future! You’re ready Charlie ❤

    Mi piace


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