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The Spinster Syndrome – Why are we still talking about this?

A couple of days ago I was talking to a friend of mine who lives in the States. We’ve known each other for 4 years, and she’s a very shy, very sweet person. She was sad though, because she’s 39 now … Continua a leggere

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Life, Loss, Love. Why I actually liked the How I Met Your Mother series finale

Nine years (for me, five: i binge-watched the first 4 seasons) of laughs, tears, sad moments, happy moments, funny moments. Life, Loss, Love. An unsolved mistery: where the f*** did that pineapple come from. Epic show, unforgettable characters, heartbreaking (yet realistic: … Continua a leggere

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Intro: Welcome to the Compass Locket

I’ve always wanted to write. I think I started my first diary when I was six. I didn’t have much to talk about of course, so I ended up writing silly short stories, poems dedicated to my mom and my pets, a … Continua a leggere

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